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Online Security

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Earlier today in the office a colleague of mine shouted out for help. He said he received an email telling him  that his Facebook profile has been compromised. Someone was accessing it, and worse changed the Email for the user. With the help of another colleague who is an expert on online security and computers, they were able to sort it out.
We also had a similar experience from my previous company. However the email was a malicious one. First it says that your Facebook account has been hacked/compromised. And you need to click on a link, or download something. One guy opened it, and there a spyware was infesting his system. I was able to fix his spyware temporarily.
How to fix it using Registry Editor

Written by erikbriones

August 20, 2010 at 2:16 pm

Mac OS X Tiger – Cannot Empty Trash

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Finally! I was able to empty my annoying Trash!

For months since I have my MacBook Pro downgraded to Tiger OS, I have this problem with my Trash. Some files dont get deleted, and everytime I try to “Empty Trash”, it keeps on saying some privileges are blah blah, and some files are not in use.

I have tried deleting while holding down Alt/Options key. I have tried by terminal, I have tried the Secure Empty Trash but all of these things did not work.

My files were from my Windows folder. This is because I have my machine on dual boot with WinXP using BootCamp.

Now for the solution.

I looked into the Trash, and right click on the “annoying” folder.

I got its directory location which is WIN/.Trashes , where WIN is my Windows HD partition.

So i logged on to my WinXP, and went to the folder

I dragged the .Trashes file, to the Recycle Bin (take note we are now on XP)

And then I emptied the Recycle Bin

I logged on to my Tiger OS X again, looked into Trash….. and it is gone! 🙂

Written by erikbriones

August 23, 2009 at 7:50 am