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Websites, Web and Print Ads

Recent projects:
We have successfully launched our redesign of our corporate website EdwardsandTowers. EandT website
Graphics Design
logo wondernails
Other projects…..

Ad for Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) Magazine.
Ad for RICS magazine - Nov 08 2009


Freelance Projects
Camelot Entertainment Group –
PaulineCunningham Photography site –
SCLG eNewsletter (monthly newsletter, from February 2009 to present) – sample October issue
Holiday Reservations Agency –
Naples Vacation Homes –

Quicklinks: Personal Details, Work Experience, Education


PHP, ASP, MySQL, MS SQL, XML, MS Access HTML, Javascript, CSS, AJAX


Photoshop, Illustrator, ImageReady, Flash, Dreamweaver, Transmit

MS Office, Notepad, IE, FireFox, Safari

Google Adsense, Analytics, Maps, S.E.O., Yahoo Search Marketing, Photo Editing (color correction, resize, orientation, defisheye, noise reduction)

3rd Party software
irealty software – by Works for Web
rwAuction Pro – by Rainworx
TenantWiz Vacation Rental Softare

Knowledge in operating a 360 degree camera, and producing a 360 degree virtual tour for the web.

Content Management Systems (CMS)
basic knowledge in both WordPress and Joomla


Javascript experience:
– Creation of tab menus, navigation bars, swapping/hiding/showing of Layers
– Googlemap + Javascript

Database experience:
– Parsing data from either, MySQL, MS SQL, Ms Access (.mdb) files and XML

PHP experience:
– online property search, display property results, display specific properties using PHP and MySQL or XML database

ASP experience:
– online property search, display property results, display specific properties using ASP and MS SQL or Ms Access or XML database

Search Engine Optimization
Managed to place our websites well on Google and Yahoo. Websites were Ranked #1, #2 or on Page #1 on Google search for targeted keywords.


Personal Details


Erik Byron R. Briones

Currently in Dubai, U.A.E. I will provide my Working Status, Mobile Number(Dubai), Passport Number and other details upon request.

Goals and Objectives:

I would like to work in a team that will design and develop globally competitive websites that will produce outstanding results.

Work Experience:

Edwards and Towers Real Estate Brokers February 25 2007 – Present

Position: Web Developer / Web Designer / Graphics Designer / SEO Manager / IT Personnel

• Works as the main Developer/Designer for the Short Term Lettings department

• Designed and developed the main website for short term lettings department. and other related websites ,,

• Designed and developed websites for SEO Adsense purposes, ,,,

• Designed advertisements for EdwardsandTowers Sales department for Gulf News (Properties 1, Property Weekly and Freehold 1) on a weekly basis. (I will provide copy upon request)

• Designed advertisements for EdwardsandTowers in magazines like BBC Olive, Emirates Golf, Cadogan:Working and Living in Dubai. (I will provide copy upon request)

• Designed other collaterals, like flyers and brochures for the EdwardsandTowers Sales, and Lettings department.

• Helped maintain the company websites Developed some of the web technologies implemented on the website.

• Developed a Google Map implementation using our XML data for EdwardsandTowers

• Created 360 degree virtual tours in and

• Responsible for safe keeping of company photos of our properties in the Palm and other areas.

• Edit our property photos to be sent out to Agents, Ad Agencies, and other firms.

• Responsible for server maintenance, like daily to weekly backups of the server

• Responsible for IT maintenance for the workstations

Bigfoot Entertainment March 24, 2006 – Feb 2007

Position: Web Developer / Web Designer

• Works for the Web Team (Ramos Office)

• Maintains for any updates on content.

• Created html templates for pre-filled pdf small claims for California / New York under the website

• Created a web based image library using PHP/database for all the photos in our library

• Creates logos, web banners, emailers, posters, flyers and other collaterals for both the International Academy of Film and Television, and Bigfoot Entertainment.

• Handles the Image Library, a repository of all the pictures taken since 2005 up to present. These pictures include; model shoots (above/underwater), events, behind the scenes, and for other specific purposes.

• Edited the photos for the Underwater Calendar 2007

• Edited the photos for defisheye, color correction, noise reduction and others specified by my direct head, or upon request.

• Added google analytics tracking code to website and

• Selected the best photos from the photo library for the advertisement/presentation

• Created and maintained the website

• Edited pictures for

iComm International (formerly Farcite Services Inc.) August 2004 – October 22, 2005

Position: Junior Software Engineer / Project Manager

• Worked for the Software – Web Team

• Worked as Project Manager of IBCJapan ( and AutoTerminal ( website. Our 2 main sites which is referred as “customer-site”

• Maintained the customer sites (ibcjapan and autoterminal)

• Responsible for the SEO of the two customer sites, primarily based on Google search rules.

• Gathered all requirements needed to update or fix the website

• Communicates with supervisor, software-web department, marketing department, customer services, software-vb department and general managers from different company locations (Australia, UK, NZ) for any request, updates or fixes to the website

• Crops, resizes, or edit images submitted by marketing group to fit in the necessary page.

• Developed pages using VB language, ASP or simple HTML, Javascript, Cascading Style Sheets to satisfy project requirements.

• Assisted co workers developing, updating, or fixing the customer website.

• Reviewed project management by team mates

• Accepted tasks to update or fix the corporate website (

• Updated contents for the customer websites, by myself or together with copywriter from marketing/creative department.

Bigfoot Global Solutions Inc. June 2003 to August 2004

Position: Graphics Designer/Web Developer

• Worked for the Creatives Department

• Worked as a team lead for the Cleverlearn Web Team

• Maintained the multilingual company website.

• Maintained standalone website for company product “Word Reminder”

• Maintained standalone website for company product “CleverTrainer”

• Designed banners, header images, emailers to support in different languages

• Coded into html all approved studies

• Encoded into Unicode all special characters

• Managed the pages developed and made sure it will work well under browsers specified by PM (Project Manager) or by the Business Rules of the Project

• Made sure that the pages have the appropriate look and feel as specified by PM

• Made sure that all the scripts, style sheets and images called by the page exists or is placed in its proper location

• Made sure that all the links referred to by the page is existing, or if not it should be the correct one.

• Made constant communication with the Project Manager for instructions on the look and feel of the website

• Made constant communication with the Development Team for instructions and or clarifications regarding the outcome of the page, taking into consideration that these pages are run under a java server.

• Delivered all designs/studies, pages and other requirements on time and with no compromise to quality.

Center for Network Management and Services (USCTC). 1999 to 2001

• Worked for the Web Development Team of CNMS

• Maintained the internal Online Newsletter for CNMS

• Developed together with a team, the Online Newsletter

• Developed together with a team, the internal Online Job Request

• Served as a design consultant for a team developing an online Knowledge Base (worked with 2 Dutch interns and 1 local professional)

• Designed and coded into html, all assigned websites delegated by team.

• Designed banners, flyers, leaflets, posters for CNMS, internal and external.


• Developed a Multimedia presentation for Rebel Prepaid Cards
• Designed posters for Rebel Prepaid Cards, during the ‘Weddings at the Waterfront”
• Designed together with a team, the official site for Digital Craft Cebu.
• Developed the old, and the current website for Vanya Creations
• Developed a website for SweetAlert Society
• Developed a website for English learning site for Koreans


Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering

University of San Carlos Technological Center – graduated March 2003
Nasipit, Talamban Cebu City

Don Bosco Technology Center – graduated March 1998
Punta Princesa, Labangon Cebu City


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July 26, 2009 at 11:22 am

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