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I am Erik Briones. A web designer by profession. I love music. I used to be in a band called Army Of  Saints that play Metallica, and other heavy metal songs. I was also with MOOD. A poprock-female-fronted band. We played some K’s Choice, and other girl-rockin music.

Sadly I am on a musical hiatus now. The best connection I have with music now is with my iPhone. I do not even have a musical instrument in my pad. Well I have lots, if we count the Virtual Instuments in Garage Band.

I am going to write a lot of stuff here. If time permits.

I am trying to become a DJ. But I think I need more and more and more practice. I use traktor scratch pro

I now have a VCI100 SE 🙂 (that is a midi controller to control Traktor Pro.. ) ((that is for.. digital djing))



Written by erikbriones

April 14, 2009 at 8:29 am

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  1. As a sort of disclaimer, be it known that some of the things that I will be posting will be unverified information, mere figment of my imagination or simply a “paninira”.

    I do not really intend this blog to be the most reliable source of info.

    This should just be an outlet of my thoughts, and hopefully yours too.

    I have read a famous artist’s take on writing comments anonymously. Though I think you can post anonymous comments here, I still pretty much say what goes in or what not.

    Most of what will not come out is spam. Negative reactions are still very much welcome.

    I believe in a democracy. But also in one’s own space. This blog being mine. So let us share it peacefully.

    There you go. There’s my disclaimer. 🙂 enjoy.

    Do you want to contribute to this blog? write your rants?

    We may find a deal somewhere. Let’s talk about it.


    August 10, 2009 at 1:04 pm

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