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THERE are times when I just do not know what to write in as “title” for my entries, so there it is a “blurb”.

I am having a nice Thursday. I woke up at 5:30 AM today, and hmmm slept at 10:30PM last night. Maybe that was it. Slept early and woke up early. But yeah, today is the last day of the work week for us, but for some unknown reason i feel upbeat and full of energy. Maybe it is the money. Must be the money. hehe

Should I buy a mac mini? I am very much inclined to buying one while my macbook pro is still in the “operating room”

I am sure it will become more of a “want” buy than a “need” buy. These two things I need to get a real dark long line in between them, so I do not get confused.

Check out my design . It is our new website. It is aimed at people wanting to Sell their second homes. Their vacation homes. I still did not finish implementing the new theme to the inside pages, so on time of writing, it may look like a cross between Dennis Rodman and Michael Jackson. Dark Home Page, White Inner Pages.

It seems that my being “upbeat” is slowly overtaken by my attention deficiency again. So the writing stops here.


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April 30, 2009 at 7:39 am

Hannah Montana

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Who is hanna montana? Who is Miley Cyrus? hehehe. I think she is very famous.

I have seen some pics of Miley, and they’re not very hannah montana-ish. heheheh ๐Ÿ™‚

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April 29, 2009 at 8:05 am

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Swine Flu

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There is a new or should I say ‘mutated’ virus floating in the air now. It is called the ‘Swine Flu’. At first I thought it was called swine flu because we get infected by it via the pigs. But I was wrong. They can now be acquired from other people. Or a human to human virus.

I will be travelling in 2 weeks time, and things might get freaky in the airport. I do not know yet. Has anyone travelled lately? How are the airports?

Just make sure you are healthy and well before travelling. And here are some tips I have gathered from an internet source to avoid being infected by the swine flu. Or any flu or germs for that matter.

Stay Home

If you are sick or have any flu-like symptoms, stay home. Do not go to school or work. Swine flu symptoms may mimic those of regular flu and cold symptoms.

Contain Your Cough

Cough or sneeze into the crook (inside elbow) of your arm. This way you do not transfer the germs to your hands and then to every object you touch. Swine flu is very contagious, and can spread easily by touching an infected object and then touching your face. A flu mask will help you avoid infection in enclosed spaces.

Wash Hands Frequently

Wash hands constantly to avoid swine flu. Anything you touch may be affected, so keeping hands clean will help you avoid infection.

Hand Sanitizer

Carry hand sanitizer with you. If you have things others have touched, use your hand sanitizer to avoid swine flu infection. In addition, avoid shaking hands or other hand to hand contact whenever possible. Also avoid kissing on the cheek or other face to face contact as a greeting method.

Public Facilities

Touch public handles and pens as little as possible. These are loaded with germs that may carry the swine flu virus.

Air Travel

When you fly, be most diligent about following these guidelines. Transferring any flu, including swine flu, is most likely in close quarters like an airplane.

Clean Your Produce

The life span of a virus is different for each and can vary from as much as 48 hours to 100 years depending on the hardiness of the virus. Although there have been no known cases of swine flu transmission through fruit and vegetable consumption, there does seem to be some concern about the possibility. The best bet is to buy locally grown fruits and vegetables if possible. Make sure you wash your fruits and vegetables with water, and soak for greater effectiveness. Washes and using chlorinated rinses have not been proven to work. So far there have been no cases of swine flu transmission through fruits and vegetable sources.

Avoid Crowds

Stay out of crowds as much as possible. Close proximity to other people will heighten your chances of to get swine flu. Wear a surgical mask in areas of high traffic concentration. Try to stay at least 3-6 feet away from people.

Eating and Drinking

Do not eat or drink after others without complete sanitization of containers or utensils. Swine flu can be transmitted by contact with infected eating utensils.

Visit Your Doctor

Get to a doctor immediately if you develop symptoms of swine flu including high fever and body aches. Swine flu can be deadly, and it is imperative to get to a physician immediately if you think you have swine flu symptoms and think you might have contracted the swine flu virus. Both Tamiflu and Relenza are antiviral medicines that are currently effective against some strains of Swine Flu. These medicines should be taken within 36 hours of flu infection for maximum effectiveness.

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April 29, 2009 at 7:22 am

Rocks in there Gadgets

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Just today I have read news about a mom and child finding rocks inside a Nintendo box. Jodi Wykle, bought a new Nintendo DS for his son as a birthday gift. However when the thrilled teener opened the box, all they saw inside was rocks wrapped in chinese newspaper. They bought the gadget at Wal Mart. yikes! Imagine the surprise of the kid, and mom as well.

There was another story of a mom and kid also, where they found a memory stick loaded with porn when they bought a new PSP. Story of the Nintend DS from Florida.

I cannot find the link to that other story, and there were news also of people finding rocks when they tried to buy an iPod at Target! And in one ocasion the mom was asked to pick another box again, and found rocks instead of an iPod.. again!!! It seems that these are not “uncommon”, but hopefully isolated.

iRocks. lol.

I hope it does not happen to me. I will always make sure to open the items that I bought before leaving the store. I think that is the best way to avoid this problem.

——————–This Just In——————-Breaking News——————

Brick instead ofย  Macbook Pro

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April 29, 2009 at 7:06 am

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Diversity Fckd Unity

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Im sure it is a cruel world out there. Well maybe not, maybe just “strange”. Where some people meet, some people dont, some people care, some people kill. You cannot tell people to be friendly to you. You cannot tell people to leave you alone. That is just it.

Argh! I have to live through this. It is OK I will be fine. I am very happy with my friends.

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April 28, 2009 at 1:30 pm

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A Fond Farewell … Elliott Smith, My Macbook Pro

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My Macbook Pro failed died yesterday. The best I can recall of the scenario was that, I was editing some photos (hi-resolution), while my power cord was not attached. Meaning I was running on my macbook pro’s battery. I tried to restart it and run on Windows XP as I wanted to play some CounterStrike.

After restarting, it did not show anything on the display anymore. I plugged in my external monitor using a DVI to VGA cable, but still no luck.

I went to my friend Teodie’s house, to see if he can fix it. But we were not able to improve it’s status.

The display is still blank. My girlfriend called up iStyle and they will check it. I called up too, this time from a different mall, but still iStyle (they are the premium reseller here). After a series of calls from the girl there, she told me to bring it tomorrow to any of their stores.

Hopefully things could get better for me tomorrow. Otherwise I would be singing Elliott Smith’s A Fond Farewell. The lyrics below.

The litebrite’s now black and white
Cause you took apart a picture that wasn’t right
Pitch burning on a shining sheet
The only maker that you’d want to meet
The dying man in a living room
Who’s shadow paces the floor
Who’ll take you out in the open door
This is not my life
It’s just a fond farewell to a friend
It’s not what I’m like
It’s just a fond farewell to a friend
Who couldn’t get things right
Fond farewell to a friend
He said really I just wanna dance
Good and evil matched perfect it’s a great romance
I can deal with some physic pain
If it’ll slow down my higher brain
Veins full of disappearing ink
Vomiting in the kitchen sink
Disconnecting from the missing link
This is not my life
It’s just a fond farewell to a friend
It’s not what I’m like
It’s just a fond farewell to a friend
Who couldn’t get things right
Fond farewell to a friend
I see you’re leaving me and taking up with the enemy
The cold comfort of the in between
A little less than a human being
A little less than a happy high
A little less than a suicide
The only things that you really tried
This is not my life
It’s just a fond farewell to a friend
It’s not what I’m like
It’s just a fond farewell to a friend
Who couldn’t get things right
Fond farewell to a friend
This is not my life
It’s just a fond farewell to a friend

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April 26, 2009 at 2:05 pm

iTunes DJ

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I updated my iTunes recently, and noticed that it’s got “iTunes DJ” tucked somewhere on the left column. I realized instantly what it was. I have read an article on it maybe some weeks back. iTunes DJ makes people with iPods and iPhones “request” a song in iTunes (via Remote). How cool is that?

So it tried it. You all know how Remote (app) works right? You can control your iTunes remotely. Select songs from the Library and play them. But iTunes DJ adds something new to it. You can actually “request” a song and queue it up. ๐Ÿ™‚ I have always thought that this was “vital”. And am so glad they added this.

Yeah and so I tried it. Knowing that my wifi at home is “slow” to say the least, I made a adhoc wifi hosted by my macbook pro so that my iPhone will always have a strong reception.

Having done that. I skipped over to Remote, and tested iTunes DJ. And started queueing up my songs. Well there is a random list already when I first tried it. I also asked my girlfriend to use her iPhone to connect to my laptop. ๐Ÿ™‚

Then we started adding songs we liked, via wifi. It is a very cool feature. One note though, only the iPhone that is registered to the iTunes (when Remote App was first configured, with those digits you input in) can act as “admin” phone. Or should I say be the Chief DJ. As it is the only one that can “Play Song Now” “Remove Songs” and change their orders.

It is a cool app to use when you are hosting a party and people bring in their gadgets, and queue up a song they like. Just make sure you bring in people with the same “genre” in music. ๐Ÿ™‚

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April 25, 2009 at 11:45 am

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