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Think Fast Move Slow

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I cannot remember where I got that phrase from, but up until now that phrase is important in my book. This morning, while in our room, we heard our housemate screaming. “eeeeriiikk” “eeerrrrriikk” it was my girlfriend who got to her first in the kitchen. I was still in bed, but not asleep, i think. When I followed my girlfriend to the kitchen, and before she got to the kitchen door, i saw reflections of orange on her face, and on the adjacent wall.

I realized that our kitchen was on fire. They where both screaming. Lol. And when I actually saw our gas range, I saw a huge fire forming from on top of the frying pan and reaching our cupboards. No it wasnt fancy chinese cooking.

I grabbed the handle of the frying pan and placed, more like dropped it, at the kitchen sink. And it was all over. The bacon too fell on the sink, instead of the dinner plate.

We all caught our breath back. :)) I dont know why but I am like that. I dont know if it is just me, but somehow I feel like I see captured moments of “accidents” like these freeze in time, and then I react.

Similar to what happened to my sister, when she accidentaly touched the grounding part of my macbook pro’s power supply. This happened while we were going on our summer trip back in Samboan. I saw her. The situation froze before me, and I snapped the wire of her arms.

I am unsure now whether that was moving slow. But I can certainly say that I do not panic a lot. I only feel the ‘sense of danger’ of the situation after a few minutes it was resolved.

Hmm.. I was held at knife point by some frat boys back in Cebu. Only because I went out of the car to try to free my friends away from them. IT was brave of me.. but 2 hours later (probably around 4 a.m.) I realized what I did was dangerous. lol and got scared.

I panic. In some situations, some very oddly minor situations. Like when the delivery guy bringing our hamburgers. I think i jumped our of bed more quickly then, than when i heard the screaming this morning.



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February 27, 2009 at 1:25 pm

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Whatta Week

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The work week ends today. I think I may not have written much this past few days, I was very busy. My boss came from his vacation from the US, and the projects which i put on hold due to ‘the flu’, was running on full steam. I had a very productive week I must say. 🙂

Some things I have read in the news, or learned this week.

The US market still is not in a good shape, in my opinion, after those expensive ‘bailout’ funds.

A giant Stingray was caught today. It was measured 7ft x 7ft, and has a 10ft long poisonous tail. They threw it back at the ocean though.

The UAE Government promised $20 Billion for the Dubai. Nothing like the US version but still it gave quite a positive stir, and will likely strengthen Dubai now. A much needed help, in a timely manner… again my opinion.

And yeah, I started to write about it yesterday but I was on a hurry. A big publishing company here removed some 50 people and stopped its production of 7 magazine. They say the ‘7 mags’ are only 5% of what they produce. So that more or less gives us the idea how big they are. What is striking about this news is that I applied for this company, upon referral from my friend, Id like to thank her though, and we dont have communication, and I hope she’s not part of the 50. But yeah I applied, and they gave me the offer, nothing written, maybe I was still 70-80% hired then. Luckily the salary they are willing to give me is too low. It was higher than my present salary, but it was a little too low to bet my ass on, with so much risk. First In Last Out.

It must have been my skills at math, or my playing Poker on my iPhone, or even Scrabble, that I got the odds out pretty quickly. And thought it was a bad deal. So I stayed. And celebrated my 2 years yesterday. Internally. Lol. I congratulated myself, for #1 2 years in a company is a first. #2 it aint so bad, here in this Country.

I guess that’s it. And yeah I must say. I survived the week with literally ZERO money on my wallet. :)) I spent nothing. hmmmm i borrowed 100AEd from my girlfriend to buy phone credits to renew my Sim Card. Ah remember.. 2years?.. gotta renew. But besides that, I spent nothing!… Absolutely nothing. I have a few dollars on my wallet though. Should the need arise. And Im glad I kept them. They are worth more in pesos (now), than they were before.

I think the blog was almost all about money, stocks, math. Pretty boring.

Here’s something not boring. Cold Season is officially over I think. And summer is still not kicking in. WE DO NOT LIKE SUMMER here. We only like the middle of both season. so, the weather is FINE. 🙂

Actually the weather is brilliant. its a star. massively brilliant. bloody brilliant. fucking fucked up. :))

That’s All Folks.

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February 26, 2009 at 1:47 pm

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Whew! And 2 Years

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Today is the 2nd year anniversary of my stay here in the office. Sadly there was no celebration. It is Ash Wednesday today btw. No gifts, no cakes. My boss only handed me his Nikon camera, and bragged about his newly bought heavy-arse lens!hehe

Close cool too. Good thing i did not resign from this office and moved to the new one. Good that they didnt give me a much nicer offer. Why? They just published that they are removing 50 people. And stopped around 10 magazines.

I would certainly be one of those who got axed.


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February 25, 2009 at 1:58 pm

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Bigfoot Party

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My first company gave me the lasting impression that it was ran by the coolest people. From the CEO (yeah the CEO dude!.. speak English). To everyone else. We work hard but we know how to party. Yep. Even if I was no longer with the company, I still joined in their parties, and actually got to play with girls.. oops with the guitars.


here’s one of many pics. grabbed from Xylon’s Facebook. 🙂

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February 25, 2009 at 12:59 pm

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Busy Day

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i had a fairly busy day yesterday. i felt what a cpu must have felt when too many applications are running… i “almost” crashed. i was doing a “gilid” (as Rey would say it) in other words sideline. I did not expect that it would take me that long to finish it. There were a hundred million minor revisions. But I was glad that it was over. Done. All that is lacking now is the invoice.

That was yesterday. Today, well, I had to do the ads again. The usual.

I’m just tired, I’m looking forward for the weekend. Really!

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February 24, 2009 at 9:45 am

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Job Hiring – Dubai

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For those who are seeking for job right now, this may help you.

The ADECCO Company is hiring people for DU COMMUNICATIONS. They need 80 customer service and 80 sales person. Salary offer range to 4,000 to 5,000 dirhams.

For those who are interested, please submit your updated CV to Ms. Rhoda email add

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February 24, 2009 at 5:30 am

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Mad Coder

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I just came across a “web developer” who wrote on his blog that “…PHP, an awesome language, only that, you hardly get any forums in the internet to help you grow”

are you f***ing kidding me?

im not a PHP cultist, or a guy who solely codes on PHP. In fact, I am not handling sites in PHP as of the moment. lol We are more on ASP on MS SQL and MS Access. But i took offence. It is silly. Cos it is his blog, and he can say whatever he wants really. But to say that forums about the language is scarce is crazy!

There are even forums about skyscrapers, making the ugliest pc cases and mods, and he cant find one for php?

And that hinders his growth. As a believer of “constructive criticism”, i give him this link.

It contains everything he wants to know. Not a “forum” really, but it even has comments by people who actually use the code. (Does MSDN have it? Comments by devs? whoops! i just started a debate. I use ASP. hahaha)

i am now pacified after the blurt. But really. He can just go to

and click PHP


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February 22, 2009 at 1:46 pm

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